Value in Peace of Mind!

HinoCare is Hino Trucks' preventive service care program for models 155 and 195 diesel truck. The two-year or 60,000 mile maintenance program is available on all new '13 model year to '16 model year 155, 155-DC, 195 and 195-DC truck purchases. Free of charge!

While Hino is renowned for its exceptional quality, durability and reliability, peace of mind is also part of Hino's customer focus and service heritage. Already backed by an industry leading 5-year, 175,000 mile engine warranty and covered with 3 years of roadside assistance through HinoWatch, Hino's new maintenance program brings greater value and confidence while ensuring low cost of ownership.

What is Covered?
First scheduled preventive care begins at 6,000 miles and subsequent intervals are every 9,000 miles up to the final service at 60,000 miles (if 2 year coverage timeframe has not been exceeded). HinoCare covers all standard checks and replacements such as:
- Replacements
* Engine Oil, Fuel Filter, Air Filter Replacements
* Transmission Fluid and Differential Oil Replacement

- Checks
* Steering, Brake Pad, Battery Terminal, Wheel Checks
* Gauges, Warning Lights, Mirror, Wipers Checks
* Engine Belt, Air Intake System Checks

In addition to standard checks and replacements, HinoCare also covers a Diagnostic Trouble Codes check. Contact your local dealer for additional details.

Preventive maintenance doesn't just enhance the lifespan of regularly used equipment, it enables higher performance while saving you money down the road. HinoCare will provide our 195 customers exceptional value and is another major feature in what makes up The Hino Advantage.

HinoCare FAQ's

Q: Is HinoCare transferrable at time of ownership change?
A: Yes, HinoCare is transferrable between owners as long as program guidelines were met by the original owner at time of transfer. The Hino Warranty Department will require notification of transfer.

Q: Is HinoCare available for other models besides the 155, 155-DC and 195 / 195-DC?
A: No, HinoCare is not currently available for the remainder of our product lineup.

Q: Will this feature become available on the rest of the Hino product lineup in the future?
A: Addition into the rest of the Hino model lineup is dependent on the success of this initial program.

Q: Can the service be performed at any Hino dealership?
A: Yes, service can be performed at any authorized Hino dealership.