Whether you are looking for information on Hino Trucks, or are a current owner, the Hino Ultimate App keeps you up-to-date and connects you to a fully integrated ecosystem that delivers vehicle location tracking, a live fleet performance dashboard and vehicle health monitoring….all at your fingertips!


Learn About Hino: Detailed model truck specs, Ultimate Ownership Experience, and Customer testimonials



Dealer Locator:  Use the dealer locator to search for the nearest dealers based on your current location or by city, state or zip.



Contact Us:  Contact your local dealer, Ultimate Support assistance for your connected vehicle and HinoWatch 24/7 Roadside Assistance.



My Fleet: Once logged in, you have access to all of your fleet’s real time data.  Then it's all about setting up the system so it works best for you.  Create new users, change times zones and select your preferred language and unit of measure.



Dashboard:  The Hino Dashboard allows you to view your fleet location, nearest dealer and how your fleet's utilization compares to others.

Fleet Health:  Case Management system powered by Decisiv is easily controlled through your Ultimate Portal. If you have a fault code appear, you'll immediately get an email. Simply reply to that email to speak with a knowledgeable Ultimate Support representative. In the Case Management tab, you can:  1)  View outstanding recalls, 2) Review maintenance due, 3) See all open cases, 4) Contact your dealer to arrange service.



Remote Update (OTA):  On eligible vehicles, you can perform updates remotely. Safely and quickly improve your uptime by using performing ECU Software updates on your schedule.



Telematics Provider:  We've partnered with the top Telematics service providers to empower you and your business with choices that best fit your needs. You pick the provider. You select the features that are important to you. We have the hardware factory installed for you!